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  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
  • Post Bank Smart Banking
Description of 우체국 스마트뱅킹

Thank you for always using Post Office Finance.

You can use the fast and convenient post office finance service anytime, anywhere through the post office smart banking service. All transaction information is encrypted and transmitted securely to prevent forgery.

■ Notes
-You cannot use the smart banking service on a terminal that has altered (rooted) the OS.
-Data charges may apply depending on the carrier plan you are using.
-Post offices never require you to enter the full security card number.
-Do not store the security card as a file such as taking a picture or entering it into an app.

The smart banking service has been reorganized to provide a better user experience.

■ Design Renewal
- customer-centric UI and menus reconstruction
- approach to improve convenience services

■ Enhanced Customization Services
- My Page new
-account alias, add specified main account features
- Large Letter transfers, additional custom security image function

■ accessibility and security enhanced
- Application of simple biometric authentication (fingerprint)
-Supports simple login of PIN number-Supports
automatic input of text authentication number

In the future, we will always try to provide optimal services in addition to your safe financial transactions.

■ post office Smart Banking app use for authority and purpose guide
- Store (required): OS modulation (routing) check and certificate archive
- Telephone (required): Check the phone number and device
-location (optional): Post Office / ATM Locator
- Camera (optional): Scan QR code for utility bills
-SMS (optional): Automatically input SMS additional authentication
-Address book (optional): Remittance of phone number, search for SMS sending phone number after transfer (SDA3.0.6 or later)

* Access rights are required Separated by optional privileges. Some functions related to the optional access rights are limited, but if the essential access rights are not granted, you cannot use the smart banking service.

* All under Android 6.0 can be applied as essential access rights. In this case, you must upgrade the OS to 6.0 or higher, uninstall the Smart Banking app, and reinstall it to set optional access rights.

Version history 우체국 스마트뱅킹
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.8.5
1. Add financial certificate menu
- Issuance/reissuance, disposal, management
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.7.9
1. Additional consumer research menu.
2. Released Mobile Purni Savings.
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.7.8
Main screen service improvement
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.7.7
1. Modification of designated terminal service
2. Inquiry of transaction history Add memo function
3. Modify window product to enable additional deposit for senior single bungle term deposit
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.7.6
- Improved service stability
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.7.5
- Improved post office financial product (deposit, card) subscription process
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.7.4
- Implementation of third-party financial certificate authentication service
- Implementation of electronic document wallet service
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.7.2
- UI/UX changes
- Add open banking (card)
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.6.5
Service improvements
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.6.4
-Deposit Product Disclosure Office Added
-Password Change, Limit Amount Increase Overseas Stay Confirmation Removed Additional Authentication
-Instant Transfer 5 Additional Transfer Changes
-Change the transaction foreign exchange bank-designated ID card shooting
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.6.1
-App Stability Improvement
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.6.0
PASS authentication
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.5.9
-Non-face-to-face document submission improvement
-Transaction limit lift improvement
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.5.5
-Security account registration service addition
-Joint certificate renewal period change 30 -> 60 days
-Accredited certificate login improvement
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.5.0
-Open banking service improvement
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.4.9
-Agree to the requirements for subscription to non-taxable comprehensive savings and change
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.4.8
post office open banking service
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.4.6
-Improve safety
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.4.4
Fund to improve stability of apps related to simple authentication- Add investment tendency analysis menu
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.4.1
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.3.9
-Improvement of digital OTP issuance procedure
-Addition of automatic re-deposit product
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.3.7
Transfer limit change and account password change function added
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.3.6
- Main screen (deposit/card) reorganized
-PC login/authentication reflected (effective 09/02/2020)
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.3.5
improvements pattern authentication method
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.3.3
weekly notification savings improve service
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.3.1
debit registration bug fixes
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.2.8
to improve the entire menu and transaction history display improvements
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.2.7
enforcement fund microfinance investment services
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.2.6
- Improved app stability
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.2.4
Digital-only New two kinds of market
-collected e savings every day
- a convenient e deposit
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.2.3
deposit and withdrawal notification service-Improved
OTP usage registration
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.2.2
Improved app stability-Improved
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.2.1
-Improved simple designation service process-Improved
transfer screen
-Sorted by utility bills menu-
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.2.0
services related to cancellation of deposit products
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.1.9
stability related to reservation transfer-Improved
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.1.8
remittance transactions and improved procedures-Improved
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.1.7
-Digital OTP issuance age change
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.1.5
-App speed improvement
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.1.4
-Implementation of customized financial product recommendation service
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.1.3
Check card performance inquiry screen
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.1.2
export function of public certificate (individual, business)-Improvement of
main screen modification
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.1.0
-Immediate transfer of accredited certificate
-Improvement of digital OTP function-Improvement of
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.0.7
Android SSL related function improvements.
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.0.6
-Chatbot service improvement
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA5.0.5
-Expansion of reservation transfer transfer time
-Transfer notification service reflected
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.5.0
-Improved app use stability
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.4.9
-Reflecting some changes related to deposit new product subscription
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.4.8
-Deposit new product launch (Post Office Value Collection Savings)
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.4.3
-Foreign currency delivery service enforcement
-Certificate issuance error improvement
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.4.0
[3.4.0 update]
-SMS authentication service improvement.
-Minor stabilization work.
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.3.8
[Update 3.3.8]
- Started customer information change service
- Improved remittance service
- Improved menu move error
- Corrected transfer error between post office.
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.3.7
# 3.3.7
- Started customer information change service
- Improved remittance service
- Improved menu move error
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.3.6
# 3.3.6
- Security media registration improvement
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.3.5
# 3.3.5
- Improve deposit products
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.3.1
# 3.3.1
- Foreign exchange transactions (SWIFT remittance, express overseas remittance) improvement
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.3.0
# 3.3.0
- Launch of post office Damoa e-cash deposit (from February 1, 2019)
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.2.9
# 3.2.9
- Fix long-term unused customer information
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.2.5
# 3.2.5
- Improvement of registration procedure for deposit products
- Customer guidance improvement and program stabilization
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.2.4
# 3.2.4
- Added tax payment service: Immediate transfer bank Select [National Tax]
- Customer guidance improvement and program stabilization
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.2.3
# 3.2.3
- Age limit adjustment for non-face-to-face account opening (19 years old → 17 years old)
- Added new OTP vendor code
- Added main banner / main account display setting function (App setting → Main screen setting)
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.2.2
# 3.2.2
- Automatic transfer [withdrawal account display contents] Addition of input function
- Improved reservation and cancellation process
- Main page [Hide main account] function added
- Other customer guidance and error improvements
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.2.1
# 3.2.1
- Customer information supplement
- Improved handling method when fingerprint authentication is impossible
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.2.0
# 3.2.0
- Changes in customer guidance such as financial customer center consultation time
- Other security enhancements
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.1.9
# 3.1.9
- Fixed cacao link errors
- Added information of deposit account when viewing past transactions
- Improved method of displaying public certificate list
- Fixed multiple account transfer error after remittance
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.1.8
# 3.1.8
- Add moneygram transfer country
- Improved user convenience
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.1.7
# 3.1.7
- Launch of the simple remittance service
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.1.6
# 3.1.6
- Changed foreign currency exchange partnership bank (Shinhan → Hana)
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.1.5
# 3.1.5
- Improved TZ OTP certification
- Fixed error executing virtual container (security folder, etc.)
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.1.4
# 3.1.4
- Improved accessibility to mobile apps
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.1.3
# 3.1.3
- Reflection service of foreign exchange bank
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.1.2
# 3.1.2
- Improve service stability
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.1.1
# 3.1.1
- Express MoneyGram service
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.1.0
# 3.1.0
- Added the ability to select the latest deposit account
- Add a deposit bank and account number from your transaction history
- Add deposit account name from debit registration history
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.0.9
# 3.0.9 - Added integrated OTP calibration menu - Other customer information supplement
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.0.8
# 3.0.8 - Registered two kinds of online special deposit products - Registered 3 kinds of time deposits - Other stability improvement
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.0.7
# 3.0.7 - Overseas remittance check verification method optimization
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.0.6
# 3.0.6 - Added dormant account inquiry and revocation function (account inquiry) - Fixed an error in the year of payment of utility bills - Other service improvements and stabilization
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.0.5
# 3.0.5 - Added ID search function when canceling long-term trading suspension - Collection of personal information. - Other errors and improvements
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.0.4
# 3.0.4 - Fixed default login setting error - Improved app stability
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.0.3
WeTV - Dramen, Filme & mehr
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.0.2
# 3.0.2 Post Bank Smart Banking App Reorganization - Customer-oriented UI reconstruction and service accessibility improvement - Add My Page, Account Alias, Main Account Assignment - Fingerprint, PIN, etc.
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.0.1
# 3.0.1 - Change customer service code - Enhanced security
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA3.0.0
# 3.0.0 - Improved non-face-to-face account opening service - Android 8.0 (oreo) support
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA2.9.9
# 2.9.9 - Addition of insurance premium processing function
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA2.9.8
# 2.9.8 - Modification of exchange rate display function
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA2.9.6
# 2.9.6 - Improved non-face blindness check service
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA2.9.4
# 2.9.4 - Added new remittance function for overseas remittance (EUROGIRO)
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA2.9.3
# SDA2.9.3 - Added new SWIFT remittance and withdrawal request / cancellation function - Improved non-face-to-face account opening service - Other stability improvement
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA2.9.2
# SDA2.9.2 Added online OTP accident release function.
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA2.9.1
# SDA2.9.1 Changes in the names and terms of the ministry under the amendment of the government organization law Added overseas remittance country to the Eurozone (Vietnam SeA Bank)
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA2.9.0
# SDA2.9.0 Overseas remittance service limit upward applied
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA2.8.9
# SDA2.8.9 Apply insurance settlement service stabilization code
New in com.epost.psf.sdsi SDA2.8.6
# 2.8.4 * Young Moa e-money new product launch * Corrected certificate installation error occurred in specific terminal (LG X400) # 2.8.3 * Young Moa e-money interest rate coupon applies # 2.8.2 * Improved direct debit service # 2.8.1 * Improved user convenience # 2.8.0 * Improved non-face-to-face account opening service # 2.7.9 * Implement non-face-to-face account opening service # 2.7.7 * Improve access to app privacy information # 2.7.6 * Improvement of national tax payment function (solidarity payment) # 2.7.5 * Improvement of frequently used deposit account function # 2.7.4 * SmartPad security keypad error correction # 2.7.3 * Reflect K-bank institution code and improve user convenience # 2.7.2 * Apply New Year event # 2.7.1 * Reflected integration of Mirae Asset Daewoo # 2.7.0 * Addition of authorized certificate issuing / re-issuance pre-agreement function
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